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Andrew’s Quote Of The Week.

At last I have a job at a reputable brand! I recently moved ship from the supermarket trade to the retail industry. I know this isn’t really design related but I think it has more significance than what first meets the eye. I don’t know really where I want to go when I finish my […]

I recently got involved with fashion photographer Ryan Saradjola who asked me to partake in a photo-shoot that looked heavily at self-reflection. The idea behind the shoot was looking at my story on how I lost weight, this meant I had to be fully naked which to say the least wasn’t my most comfortable hour. […]

I am Thomas Quantock, now I’m not one for writing blogs.. (more the Instagram type) but seeing as I’m taking a new step into the world of design, I probably should keep you posted about what I get up to. first of all, if you do happen to take a swear word here and there […]